[Homeroast] Bulk Grinder for Drip

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 09:21:48 CDT 2010

I got hold of a Grindmaster shortly after I build my roaster for the
occasional need to grind a bag for a customer. I then found that
Grindmasters use crushing burrs where Bunn uses cutting burrs. I've
been looking for a steal on a used Bunn with burrs in great condition
but no luck yet. I thought I would then try some sifting and
comparisons and keep the one I preferred. This topic has come up a few
times on H-B and it has been thought that the Bunn cutting burrs are a
better choice. I've also asked about what has been used in Europe over
time for coffee as we see many espresso grinders but much fewer coffee
examples. The Mahlkoenig and Ditting are what come to mind. I've tried
to find out if Mazzer did a coffee grinder or had a different burr set
but it seems they don't. In the US we see lots of commercial coffee
grinders but why so few from other countries? What is traditionally
used in the rest of world for grinding coffee in commercial settings?
Some hand mills definitely have courser burr cuts than others but are
great for a dripper but not designed for grinding larger quantities..
Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
Amherst MA.

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