[Homeroast] Color match x Pantone

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sun Jun 27 10:49:52 CDT 2010

You have to make the connection to outer bean color to ground coffee 
color for each different bean you roast.  You will find the ground 
coffee color that produces a reliable coffee that meets your tastes. 
You can buy Munsell color chip books to match colors but if you read the 
packaged instructions with the Munsell books you will find that they 
have a definite service life, a use by date if you will.  After ignoring 
the differences in each bean and the mass of the roast you have to deal 
with the rate of change in heat addition to the roasting system and the 
resultant ground coffee color vs. taste in the cup as you have prepared 
it with your local water.  Many, many variables to pin down.  We had a 
descriptive term for these exercises back at the power plant but its not 
real family friendly, IYKWIM.

If you go spring for a real commercial roaster you can make coffee bean 
roasting a science to some extent but using a popcorn popper to roast 
coffee is going to be an art.

As long as you are dealing with the same beans from the same bag and the 
same weight of each roast you can just match the resultant ground coffee 
color as long as you do not change the grinder setting and achieve 
reasonable consistent results.  Compare the last batch to the new batch. 
  Use the same background and the same light source, tungsten light bulb 
works but florescent does not.

Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> I see it for what I perceive it to be- a tool. Any tool can be used properly or improperly. The solution? The manufacturer sends instructions with lots of caveats! I do certainly see your line of reasoning though. However, for a beginner- some direction is better than none. In the end, taste and quality will guide the beginner to advanced roaster irrespective of which tools they chose to start with. Assuming they are actively learning that it (This is the part where where RayO comments on changing variables one by one to achieve mastery).

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