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I have mixed feelings with color cards. They might be helpful for a
beginner but they might also add confusion if because they are a
beginner they don't understand that some beans will tend to color
differently and at different times. It's also important to understand
the relationship between surface color and ground or inner color. I
suppose it could be used to add the color numbers in a log record.
It could be quite helpful for us to use to communicate when discussing
a specific bean. It can help diagnose some roast issues. I find I'm
most interested in the 2 Agtron readings when checking out Ken Davids

On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:02 PM, silas coelho <silascoelho1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I know, I know, this topic is an old friend from our SM list, but maybe a
> new approach.
> I ordered few days ago some coffees, and asked Maria if she could send the
> Color Roast Post Card. Maria told me that they decide to 'phase out ' the
> card because the issues with the reproducibility (aging) of the card, and
> they are investigating reliable alternatives to the old post cards.
> I have access to same Pantone books (Color Classification System) , and
> wondering how to find a proper way to match City, City +, Full City, to
> their equivalent Pantone Numbers.
> The closest that I got (So far), is:
> City + closer to 462 C or 1545 U (Coated Color)
> On the Pantone web page, we can find a 'screen representation of the colors,
> and their light and darker equivalents (Paint Interior Matching guide, use
> the color 462 C on the Pantone Number box), unfortunately the 'screen
> representation' is not accurate at all (the paper chips are much, much
> better)
> One idea will be to order the specific 'chips page' with the  color that we
> want to match, I still need to match the other key Roasting colors, and then
> get the full equivalent list roasting nomenclature x Pantone Name x Agtron
> #. (I just hope that when I have all these matches, they will be inside a
> single Pantone chips page)
> Each 'chips page' from Pantone book cost (at the website) US$ 7.50, that is
> not that bad (ok, ok, I know 1 lb of coffee, that we will not drink!)
> Any experience from the list on this approach?
> Regards
> Silas
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