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Michael Dhabolt michael.dhabolt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 14:11:09 CDT 2010


I've read reports of folks being successful with this approach.  I
personally haven't tried it, I try to not make recommendations that I
haven't accomplished myself.  Certainly sounds like a do-able thing, and the
difference in cost would dictate it, if it works OK.

Caveat: I would question the ability of a 1000 watt speed control having a
long life span if controlling a 1400ish watt heater circuit, although I see
some of these things (Harbor Freight) advertising as being capable of
dealing with up to a 15 Amp load, 3ish Amps more than a P1 heater circuit.
These things are sold for controlling motors which involves both resistive
and inductive loads, back EMF etc. and the subject is considerably beyond
the focus of this conversation.  I've always had a somewhat less than high
level of confidence in Chinese ratings of equipment power handling
capability and duty cycle ratings.

I've seen folks use these things long term, successfully, for fan speed
control although it doesn't allow speeding the fan up as you can do with a
variac wired to increase voltage.  The load from a P1 fan is in the 100 Watt

Mike (just plain)

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