[Homeroast] Bulk Grinder for Drip

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For home non-espresso use I'd look at the Baratza Virtuoso. Sure a Bunn
G1,2,3 etc would work, but way overkill and chances are a used one is going
to need a $200 set of burrs. Now if you do go that route once you replaced
the Bunn burrs you'd be good to go for about 15,000 pounds:) They're
actually mfg rated 30,000 pounds, but I've always found cutting the mfg
rating in half is needed to maintain quality grind about any grinder out


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> Didn't want to get into too much detail considering that I'm 
> talking about several different methods as I mentioned in my 
> first post.
> In a nutshell: coarser for Chemex, finer for straight drip, 
> and somewhere in between for vacpot. Blooming for a bitwith 
> pour-overs.  Keeping dwell-times (or drip times) appropriate 
> to avoid over- or under-extraction. That sort of thing.
> The primary problem that I get is stalling in just about any 
> method unless I'm using a very coarse grind (at which point, 
> I'm inevitably under-extracting). This implies to me (and 
> I've only been geeking out for about three years now, so WTF 
> do I know . . . )that I'm getting fines that are clogging my 
> world up.  
> In reply to the posts that have come as of late:  I'm using a 
> Super Jolly for espresso.  I'm happy with it.It's consistent, 
> and it works.  I DON'T want to use it for pour-over (or 
> otherwise) because I can dial it in for myespresso, and I can 
> make tiny adjustments day after day based on bean age, 
> weather, etc. and, as I said: it works. If I go spinning the 
> thing three inches to the right to make two cups of drip, 
> then I'm going to burn through a quarter pound of beans to 
> get back to perfect espresso.  You dig?
> --mh

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