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Sat Jun 26 12:19:30 CDT 2010

Well, I use an antique Hobart grinder and it does a lovely job on 
everything but espresso.  The espresso grinder is a disaster on anything 
but espresso.

Look at it this way: how many golf clubs do you have in your bag?  Why 
so many?

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>> Anybody with a room-temperature IQ would probably use the 
>> same car to go to
>> a show or do the shopping. "coffee grinders compared to 
>> espresso grinders"
>> implies having a different router motor for each router bit 
>> you own. Was zum
>> Teufel?
> Not necessarily. Might go shopping with a large beater van to accommodate
> piles of stuff and go to the show in a nice looking whatever. 
> Router wise analogy also doesn't cut it either. Just as different router
> bits have different cutting purposes different grinders use burrs designed
> for different types of grind. While your Mazzer Major "can" grind for other
> than espresso, other grinders designed specifically for non-espresso
> grinding will grind better for other than espresso. Grinding for espresso
> requires plurimodal particle grinding while non-espresso grinding the more
> uniform particle grind the better.
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