[Homeroast] Sucky decaf

Michael Dhabolt michael.dhabolt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 11:21:32 CDT 2010


Following up on Brian's implied question "If you have The Poppery, and not a
Poppery II".  You have been using an unmodified machine for long enough that
I expect getting all 'Geeky' about modifications isn't something you are
interested in.  This thread has included several good suggestions.

I believe that following Tom's suggestions will lead you to the conclusion
that you need to slow the roast, there are any number or solutions. I
believe you'll find that the previously mentioned 12 minute target will
solve your problem (I personally shoot for closer to 15 minute overall
time).  Slowing the heat-up rate to below 10 degrees F per minute just prior
to the onset of 1st crack and maintaining a slower rate to End Of Roast will
open up whole new coffee perspectives for you.

loading the machine with less beans will allow more heat to escape and
thereby slow the roast

The commonly recommended use of a long extension cord to add enough
resistance to the circuit and thereby lower the voltage to a level that
lengthens the roast works.  This solution pre-supposes that you make sure
the extension cord isn't of a small enough gauge to allow it to get
physically hot, this could generate extra work for your local fire

Another common method is to power the Poppery through a Variac
(auto-transformer / variable transformer).  Tom used to offer one on the
Sweet Marias site but I don't seem to be able to find it.  If you decide on
this solution, a really simple mod is to 'split wire' the roaster.  It
entails removing the bottom and wiring two separate power cords to the
terminals on the bottom, one for the fan and one for the heater. This allows
running the fan at full speed, plugged directly into a wall receptacle and
lowering the power level (voltage) to the heater by powering the heater
circuit through the variac.

I've tried the patience of list members before by getting too technical and
generating long how-to's on the list so if you need any other suggestions
and/or directions email me direct.  Glad to help.

Mike (just plain)

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