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> Anybody with a room-temperature IQ would probably use the 
> same car to go to
> a show or do the shopping. "coffee grinders compared to 
> espresso grinders"
> implies having a different router motor for each router bit 
> you own. Was zum
> Teufel?

Not necessarily. Might go shopping with a large beater van to accommodate
piles of stuff and go to the show in a nice looking whatever. 

Router wise analogy also doesn't cut it either. Just as different router
bits have different cutting purposes different grinders use burrs designed
for different types of grind. While your Mazzer Major "can" grind for other
than espresso, other grinders designed specifically for non-espresso
grinding will grind better for other than espresso. Grinding for espresso
requires plurimodal particle grinding while non-espresso grinding the more
uniform particle grind the better.

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