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Ryan M. Ward silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 26 00:37:44 CDT 2010

I would be interested in those card numbers if it is not too much trouble.

Ryan M. Ward

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> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Color match x Pantone
> What we had done a long time back with help from , jeez, I can't 
> remember who did it, was match the SCAA roast color discs to paint 
> swatch cards available at Home Depot. The idea is people could go to 
> a nearby Home Depot and get the same set of color cards (and of 
> course, buy something, because it's only fair). I could try to find 
> out the results from that work, if anyone is interested.
> We really want to produce a printed series of cards with roast 
> images, something you can hold by your roaster and reference. Going 
> from digital image to offset print has been the issue. Dark browns 
> are very hard to reproduce correctly. We are going to do this again, 
> soon, by doing extensive proofs to make sure we get the prints right.
> Tom
> >I know, I know, this topic is an old friend from our SM list, but maybe a
> >new approach.
> >
> >I ordered few days ago some coffees, and asked Maria if she could send the
> >Color Roast Post Card. Maria told me that they decide to 'phase out ' the
> >card because the issues with the reproducibility (aging) of the card, and
> >they are investigating reliable alternatives to the old post cards.
> >
> >I have access to same Pantone books (Color Classification System) , and
> >wondering how to find a proper way to match City, City +, Full City, to
> >their equivalent Pantone Numbers.
> >
> >The closest that I got (So far), is:
> >
> >City + closer to 462 C or 1545 U (Coated Color)
> >
> >On the Pantone web page, we can find a 'screen representation of the colors,
> >and their light and darker equivalents (Paint Interior Matching guide, use
> >the color 462 C on the Pantone Number box), unfortunately the 'screen
> >representation' is not accurate at all (the paper chips are much, much
> >better)
> >
> >One idea will be to order the specific 'chips page' with the  color that we
> >want to match, I still need to match the other key Roasting colors, and then
> >get the full equivalent list roasting nomenclature x Pantone Name x Agtron
> >#. (I just hope that when I have all these matches, they will be inside a
> >single Pantone chips page)
> >
> >Each 'chips page' from Pantone book cost (at the website) US$ 7.50, that is
> >not that bad (ok, ok, I know 1 lb of coffee, that we will not drink!)
> >
> >Any experience from the list on this approach?
> >
> >Regards
> >Silas
> >
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