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Fri Jun 25 13:49:21 CDT 2010

I think the fast roasts are the issue. One way to diagnose fast 
roasts is to grind a small part of the batch and , in good balanced 
light, compare the surface color of the bean to the ground coffee. If 
the interior is noticeably lighter then this fast roast means the 
interior is a but under-roasted, the exterior over roasted. Sadly, if 
you roast darker you get the interior right but the exterior is 
charred and ruins the flavor. One thing you can do is carefully 
scrape off the exterior of each bean with an Xacto blade. Okay, I am 
joking. What you need to to is slow down the roaster. There have been 
a variety of ways to do this - add a super long extension cord. Cycle 
it off and on during the roast. Pry the vents where the hot air comes 
out open a bit more. Roast a little less. Do the decaf roast first 
when the popper is cool. Lots of options, some better than others. 
Might want to modify a second popper for decaf though, so you can 
keep the one you get good regular coffee roasts intact. -Tom

I was going to add this to the decaf section on the forum too because 
its possiblyt a general problem with decafs in poppers

>Hi Folks,
>I've been roasting for about 2.5 years with a Poppery.
>For some time now, I've noticed that all of my decaf roasts have an 
>unpleasant tangy flavor to them, which overwhelms any other flavors 
>in the coffee. It makes all decaf regardless of origin or roasting 
>time taste the same; basically bad. If I significantly over-roast 
>them, I can get them to taste burnt instead of just bad. :-)
>Caffeinated beans come out great at a variety roast levels.
>After the first batch, the poppery roasts everything fast - probably 
>4-5 minutes to city or city+. I'm thinking maybe this has something 
>to do with my results.
>Any ideas?
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