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Dry processed coffees typically roast with a more uneven appearance than 
washed coffees.  The little bits and pieces of remaining parchment and the 
amount of sugar on the outside of the bean, which gets very dark can account 
for this.

Unripe beans will also roast with a lighter color than those that are ripe. 
If the bean color is way different than the other beans, it's probably an 
unripe that was not milled out at the source.
Ed Needham
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>I roasted a pound of Costa Rica R.I.P 2009 this morning. I noticed
> that some beans got dark, and others stayed tan.  I roasted it well
> past first crack, and some of the beans are VERY dark while many
> others remained light tan.
> Should I separate the tan beans and roast them further, or separate
> and throw them away, or just grind and brew them with the dark beans?
> Thanks for any help.
> Brian
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