[Homeroast] hmmm, another coffee scam???

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Mon Jun 21 13:49:26 CDT 2010

>  This was a comment just put on my blog site:
>  """ I found a VERY great coffee: premium taste, new and HEALTHY
>  powerful roasting, they worked 7 years on it and there are 3 patents
>  on that coffee, bio, normal price like other bio coffees, fair trade,
>  3-5 times antioxidants than green tea, people are totally excited
>  about this coffee, I confirm everybody I give it to try says the same,
>  business is exploding in the US, people feel more energy and feel so
>  good, you can also easily earn money with it from home. Reason: it is
>  a VERY simple product that EVERYBODY wants. And coffee is the second
>  commodity in world trade in value after oil. Here are the coffee links
>  and please give me feedback, thx Chris:
>  http://www.asantae-coffee.blogspot.com/
>  http://www.asantae-coffee.com/ """"
>    Geeez, should I stop buying from Tom and Maria and get with the future?????
>  --
>  Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
>  Amherst MA.
>  http://coffee-roasting.blogspot.com/

Hmmm, they remove the antioxidants as usual, and then add them back in?

I'd suggest keeping your day job rather than buy into their spiel.

Frank Parth

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