[Homeroast] Trouble roasting today...

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 16:57:59 CDT 2010

It is certainly conceivable to make a PC-BAKE oven as each of the CPUs would
dissipate about 110 watts or so.

On youtube there is a video of someone running a PC without the heat sink on
the CPU - after a short while, the CPU gets SO HOT it literally explodes &
turns into shrapnel.  

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> On Jun 14, 2010, at 12:07 AM, Phil Palmintere wrote:
> > I just checked... you're right; the typical operating temperature of
> most
> > modern CPUs is quite a bit lower than the 500-ish degrees of a
> roaster.
> Once upon a time, I attempted to build a "PC-BAKE" oven, using the
> power from 4 pentiums to bake a cake.
> Sadly, it was a failure; if I'd had more time than the weekend build
> (at a conference), I might have overcome some issues.
> (just a clock wasn't enough; I would have had to provide the CPUs with
> an instruction stream to really draw the power)
> Anyway, my typical high-temperature grease is a prized jar of high
> temperature silicone vacuum grease. A teeny bit goes a long way; it is
> tenacious stuff, and will not outgas any nasty volatiles (being made
> for vacuum work).
> Don't think it's particularly food-safe, though, but for a gear-train
> that doesn't contact food, it would be okay. Dunno about the nylon vs.
> silicone concept. Any references to back up the assertion that it will
> damage them?
> -
> allon
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