[Homeroast] Saturday Morning Coffee

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Mon Jun 14 10:08:53 CDT 2010

>  Yes, we're camping in Henry Cowell State Park next to the Roaring Camp train
>  in the town of Felton and hit Capitola beach for swimming, sunning, and
>  shopping. ...
>  Now we're stopping in at Asana Tea house so my daughter can get a nice tea
>  since that's her fancy.
>  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend too.
>  -Chris

Capitola is a great little town. I love some of those beach bars/restaurants.

Twenty five years ago I was best man at a wedding held at Shadowbrook, a restaurant in Capitola that flows several 
stories down a hillside. The morning of the wedding, we heard screams coming from the girls' side of the motel we were 
staying at. It seems the groom-to-be decided to climb into bed with his fiance, not sober enough to remember that she 
was  sharing a bed with her mother.

One of my sisters-in-law lives in Scotts Valley and is a reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. When we drive north to 
visit them we stay in Capitola. I always roast a couple pounds of whatever coffee I'm drinking at the time and bring it 
to them.


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