[Homeroast] Trouble roasting today...

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Mon Jun 14 09:06:33 CDT 2010

Silicone and nylon are fine.  Plain petroleum is OK.  PAO synthetic is 
probably the best for a high temperature application though.  Some of 
the possible additives/thickeners in some greases will cause nylon to 
fail over a fairly long time period. Remember the Chevy nylon timing 
gear?  Hot engine oil is hard on nylon.

The gear shafts in the motor gearbox are running in the base metal of 
the gearbox.  The original design has the output drive coupling tightly 
attached to the output gear shaft.  The weight of the drum is supported 
on this bearing surface.  The revised design has the output coupling 
loosely pinned to this shaft. The drum coupling is now partially 
supported by the cavity wall seal.  This has the benefit of reducing the 
axial load on the gearbox output shaft. It is possible that with this 
present design additional lubricant may not be required.

Allon Stern wrote:
> On Jun 14, 2010, at 12:07 AM, Phil Palmintere wrote:
>> I just checked... you're right; the typical operating temperature of most
>> modern CPUs is quite a bit lower than the 500-ish degrees of a roaster.
> Once upon a time, I attempted to build a "PC-BAKE" oven, using the power from 4 pentiums to bake a cake.
> Sadly, it was a failure; if I'd had more time than the weekend build (at a conference), I might have overcome some issues.
> (just a clock wasn't enough; I would have had to provide the CPUs with an instruction stream to really draw the power)
> Anyway, my typical high-temperature grease is a prized jar of high temperature silicone vacuum grease. A teeny bit goes a long way; it is tenacious stuff, and will not outgas any nasty volatiles (being made for vacuum work).
> Don't think it's particularly food-safe, though, but for a gear-train that doesn't contact food, it would be okay. Dunno about the nylon vs. silicone concept. Any references to back up the assertion that it will damage them?
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> allon
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