[Homeroast] Hot solder and RayO's kits

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Sun Jun 13 21:38:16 CDT 2010

"...only Acoustic Research AR-3a's and AR-4X's "
What? <Only> AR-3a's and AR-4X's?

Ahhh- you've not taken leave of your senses, as I read on. Good on ya!  When
we came out to Colorado for DU,  it occurred to me that all of the Hi-Fi
stuff I accumulated pre- and post- military service would neither fit nor be
appreciated in the married student housing.

"Hey, Ray- you want to trade some of your speakers for my AR-5's?"

Bingo! That's how I'll take music out with us. Egad! They took an incredible
power level for normal listening levels- never even tried them before we got
out here.

As I cranked the power up to achieve exciting listening levels, I was
gritting my teeth- "Hope I don't blow them- my GI buddy Krulik will have my
hide for this!"  70 watts into Patricians would have been unthinkable with
the efficient room-corner coupling.

Things would have been falling, even though the E-V 18W bass drivers could
handle 800w each. Just like the horticultural produce of continents like
Africa, the different facets of flavor and aroma of the beans differ from
country to country, even bean-to-bean just like snowflakes, the cost of
+30dB efficiency of acoustic lenses and horns is frequency/time-domain
distortion. Not particularly flat, but Patricians can be equalized to
re-create the original sound pressure levels.  What's the point?  The human
ear is not particularly flat.

When you can set the grinder to get different flavor/crema balance for
espresso brewing, there's an advantage you can't have at "front row, center"
listening to a large orchestra or anywhere in a 350' x 500' auditorium with
32,000+ pipes in a pipe organ <http://acchos.org> in 8 widely-disposed

With a 7-second reverberation period, every person got a slightly different
sound in the original 42,000 seats, let alone the logarithmic response of
the ear.

"Here's hoping Tom will come up with yet more irresistible offerings to snag
my wallet upon return."

It's what he does.  SCAA "standards" pale in comparison with standards of
Tom and SM. Only if The Man can't walk away from the coffee, does he not.
Glad he didn't leave this Costa Rica Terrazu on the dock.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da RayO, aka Opa!

Got Grinder?

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