[Homeroast] Saturday Morning Coffee

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 15:47:41 CDT 2010

Had a cup of Brazil this morning followed by a slightly weak cup of freshly
roasted Sumatra.  We're camping in Felton for four days and I decided not to
roast ahead of time, I just bought along the remnants of Brazil from last
weekend to get me started and will roast over the campfire as we go.  This
time I packed the CCD instead of the AeroPress... I use the AeroPress at
work where the speed and the ability to pop the puck in the trash and rinse
it off are ideal, but I like making coffee in the Clever Coffee Dripper

I packed a 10 ounce bag of Sumatra, an 8 ounce bag of Ethiopian IMV, and
another bag of Costa Rica to roast... the old-fashined popcorn popper likes
5 - 6 ounce batches so I roast half a bag at a time... got to keep enough
wood on the fire to keep it hot enough.  This time I also packed the raw
almonds to roast, but my first try resulted in a real uneven roast of
almonds with a dozen or so burnt ones because I wasn't watching it as
closely as the coffee.  I also got some metal rods to drive in the ground
that have curves to hold hot dog or marshmallow sticks over the fire that I
can hook the roaster into to save my wrist, it helped quite a bit.

I enjoyed both cups quite well, but the only problem was that I didn't
realize the enamelware cups were so large so I dosed the Sumatra too light,
probably brewed closer to 300 ml instead of 200 ml that I dosed for.

We're having beautiful weather at the beach, sunny with a cool breeze that
beats the heat wave going on back home.


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