[Homeroast] Temperature problems with Home Roaster units

Bart Van Dyken bvandyken at comcast.net
Sun Jun 13 12:35:54 CDT 2010

Although not specific to your Behmore problem, I have had great results in a
variety of drum roasters using small metal foil wrapped insulation packs
designed with a little imagination coupled with the addition and or
replacement of cooling fans with larger more capable units, all purchased on
ebay for very low cost. Using heavy duty aluminum foil or ss foil and
stainless steel shim stock you can cut fiberfrax insulation ( good for 1000*
+) and wrap it to fit and either screw it into position for easy removal or
"Glue" it into position with RTV high temp. silicone ( red) for
non-removable applications both where needed. It is a trial and error
solution, but I have found it very effective and quite challenging! With the
combination you can drastically alter temperatures for equipment operation
and or thermal distribution to improve roast profile uniformity. For your

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