[Homeroast] Trouble roasting today...

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 21:28:49 CDT 2010

just "thinking out loud" here... i wonder if the thermal grease used
between a computer's CPU and its heat exchanger would work.

On 6/12/10, Rich <rich-mail at octoxol.com> wrote:
> There are several lubricants that would work but they basically have to
> be a thickened oil and not a conventional soap based grease.  That
> little gearbox gets right hot as the drive shaft transfers the heat
> right back inside of the gearbox and just slowly vaporizes the grease.
> This tends to ague against a silicone based grease as it will vaporize.
>   To get the original out and back in you have to capture the 2 nuts and
> that is a trick.
> I have no idea how much of an issue it actually is but the one I have
> here failed from lack of adequate grease.  It would still run until it
> got hot and then it quit.  The replacement also has a bit of free motion
> between the gearbox output shaft and the drum drive coupling while the
> original is tightly pinned with a roll pin.  Keep in mid that the
> roaster i have came over in the first batch.  I suspect that things have
> been updated a bit in the intervening time.
> Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
>>> Removal and replacement is a real job with the early ones.  You have
>>> to use a 500F or above drop point synthetic grease.  Something from
>>> Nye Lubricants works well.  Figure it will be close to 100.00 for the
>>> grease though.
>> !!!  I have a few different lubricants I use on roasters that can handle
>> high temps and don't cost that - I am sure that is amazing grease, but
>> since it is not a food contact point it seems there might be other
>> options. Glad to see this topic come up though, I didn't realize that
>> there was an issue with lubrication, esp on early models.
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