[Homeroast] Trouble roasting today...

Dave dbcraw at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 00:22:08 CDT 2010

This afternoon I started roasting 300g of Tom's Espresso workshop #9 blend
in my Behmor. I know it takes about 16 minutes to do a 300g batch. 5 minutes
into the roast I decided to make a quick pitstop, after all it was too early
to worry about a runaway roast or a fire... When I got back the roaster had
stopped. Uh-oh must have popped a breaker. No that wasn't it, the roaster
was showing Err6. OK, now what??? Unplug and try again. Nope no good, now I
have Err1. Apparently after the Err6 I should have just quit right there:(
I went to the Behmor website, and filled out their customer service form. So
far no word back, but it's only been a few hours on a Friday afternoon.
So what to do with the partially roasted beans... I decided to try a wok
roast. I went looking for our wok, and the only wok-shaped pan I could find
is non-stick. Better not use that. I settled on a small heavy aluminum
skillet. I got out my bean chiller, which I haven't used in a couple years,
put the pan on the stove and went to work. I lost a couple beans over the
edge of the pan, it really was too small, but eventually ended up with a
very melange looking but acceptable roast somewhere around a Full City + ( a
few snaps into 2nd) I haven't brewed any yet, and while I don't expect too
much from this roast, I think I've got a shot at it making a "not bad" cup.
I decided that next time I'd try a whirly popper. So tonight I did 300g
batch of Nicaragua Finca San Jose in that. It hit first crack at about 11
minutes, and finished at about 14 with a nice looking city + roast. I'm
looking forward to this one:)
I'm certainly gonna miss the Behmor, but I guess I'll be able to survive
until its fixed.

Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps

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