[Homeroast] Roasting WP Decafs

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Fri Jun 11 10:12:55 CDT 2010


My observations only:

1. Decaf ages more quickly than reg coffee so the premature oil could  
be a sign of staleness. Proper storage and timely usage can help  
reduce the likelihood of this happening.
2. Decaf is more likely to run away after 1st crack and approaches 2nd  
more quickly than reg coffees. Thus maybe harder to stop at FC or FC+  
without overshooting and forcing oil to the surface.
3. Decaf hits its cracks at lower temp than reg so again easy to overdo.

I roast about 2 lbs coffee per week in my hottop, 3 half lb batches of  
reg and 1 half lb batch of decaf. I always roast the decaf last  
because I find the later roasts are easier to control and profile than  
the earlier roasts, so I can usually tame a decaf, extend the roast  
past 1st crack a couple of minutes, and be able to stop at C+ or even  
darker without oil appearing. In any case, after 2 or 3 days, oil is  
likely to appear anyway. Decaf is definitely compromised by the  
caffeine removal process, but with care and effort, your results can  
be improved.

On Jun 9, 2010, at 9:13 PM, Gary Raabe wrote:

> Hi All;
> I need some help from the experts.
> I was roasting some SM Brazil Joao de Campos WP Decaf last week when  
> I experienced a phenomenon I had only seen once before. It seems the  
> beans tend to expel oils PRIOR to second crack. I was roasting 200  
> grams in the Behmor, set to 1lb, P4.
> My question is, which is more proper or accurate to judge degree of  
> roast, oily beans or 2nd crack?
> Thanks in advance for your input
> Gary
> Cincinnati OH
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