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Tue Jun 8 00:39:11 CDT 2010

Allied Knight-Kits - mmmmm... 100 N. Western Ave., Chicago was about a
165-mile? trip for me from Peoria. Good excuse to see the Allied showroom in
situ, instead of the pictures in the catalogs. (Remember "Sputnik" on the
'57 cover?)

I had no idea how to get to Allied, but it was a good excuse to hit my Aunt
Arline & Uncle Jack's on S. Longwood Dr. to pick up one of my twin cousins
for the ride. Of course, we'd make it back to their place for the fabulous
lunch I knew would be waiting.

You haven't lived until you've seen, heard (felt) and touched the massive
Electro-Voice Patrician corner horn speaker systems they had on display! The
E-V 18W speakers could handle > 500 watts, and the efficient
Klipsch-licensed folded horn design would easily delaminate lath and plaster
construction in a home environment at 100 watts of 32' organ pipe voice.

How I wanted to have them give my *Bach on the Biggest* a spin, with Nine
ranks at 32' pitch and the Diaphone Profunda at 64' pitch. The lowest note,
CCCCC, speaks at 8.11 hz. Can't hear that? How about the 16" Naval rifles on
the Mighty Mo or thunder claps- maybe indistinct directionality- not

The smell of rosin-core flux in wire solder- can you actually smell the
tin-lead amalgam?  Maybe two unfavorite smells, without which this asthmatic
could long live.

Had the pleasure of "wicking out" some TO-220 SCR's today, dressing the
leads of the new ones so they'd align with the others on the heat sink to
the pwb junction. ["Solder wick;" TO-220 case style with heatsink tab;
Silicon Controlled Rectifier; printed wiring board]

The pi-network loading coil in the DX-40 transmitter had a unique smell,
fresh out of the box and when I soldered it to the bandswitch. [A lot of the
smell escaped when I first tried to tune the transmitter without a load]

I wrote a letter to Heath telling how I botched it and asked for prices of
the stuff I melted. They sent the pieces and more, without any charge.

A few of my marathon kit building sessions were the occasion of coffee I
brewed a little stronger in the vacuum pot. 6pm after dinner to 6am... 63
years ago. "Ray, isn't this a little strong?" as Dad wrinkled his brow.

"Maybe, but I know exactly how to fix it"

One of the few times I scored points, with a demi-Americano- not that I knew

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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