[Homeroast] Vac. pot seal breaking problem

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Mon Jun 7 09:09:07 CDT 2010

In 15 months of daily use I've never had this happen with my Hario 5C but I 
always set the upper globe in right after lighting up the burner.

  The only instructions included with my NCA5 were in Japanese so any 
warnings wouldn't have been very useful. Last time I checked Hario was still 
refusing to sell their vac pots in the U.S. due to liability issues. I see 
that HarioUSA/Roustabout products now lists a couple of the smaller models 
but the prices are ridiculously high so I doubt they are buying direct from 
Hario. All my equipment came from Avenue 18 Tea in Vancouver, B.C.

John B.

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From: "sci" <scizen at gmail.com>

> Thanks for all the tips on avoiding super heated boil overs. One would 
> think
> that some explanation of this phenomena would come with the unit, lawyers 
> or
> not.   I have used a modern Santos for years, and a glass rod Cory. I 
> never
> had the boil over with either one. Nor have I ever seen any pot or kettle 
> do
> this either on a gas stove. The Hario had not done it after a few uses,
> until this one time. The spherical shape and the small opening may have
> exacerbated it. It was perfectly clean, and the water was heating in a
> perfectly calm state the whole time, until kabam. But I do think I was 
> using
> lower heat. Obviously the stars were in the wrong place that day and the
> Force was out of balance.  Fortunately, I was not in the wrong place.
> I put two tiny scratches in the bottom on personal advice from a vac. pot
> expert who has a collection of dozens of  pots. He told me that was a way 
> to
> stop this from happening, creating nucleation sites. LOL, you never know
> about the advice you get sometimes. The bubbles now nucleate around those
> two scratches, but I do now put the top section in with the chain and that
> helps too. Just saying this again--I've read lots of things about vac pots
> over the years, and followed the advice and instructions from several good
> sources, and nobody ever mentioned this as a possible problem.

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