[Homeroast] Vac. pot seal breaking problem

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sun Jun 6 09:40:24 CDT 2010

The glass rod does nothing to reduce the possibility of super heating. 
Vibration does though so if the kitchen floor bounces like a old 
trampoline that will solve the issue.  Also for the glass rod users, the 
rate of heat application makes a difference on the ease of producing 
superheat.  A very low heat rate will cause it much more often than a 
rapid heat rate.  The dissolved gases come out of solution at about 160F 
with a rapid heat application and this stirs teh mass of water.  A slow 
application may allow the bulk of the water to reach 160+F with no 
agitation and then all gases evolve instantaneously.

Michael Irrera wrote:
> I think that the issue is more with those of us (I'd venture to say the majority on the list?) that use a glass rod filter, rather than a cloth filter.  Even the glass stem of the top globe resting in the lower as the water heats is usually enough to promote boiling.  
> But to make sure, I usually add a couple of coffee grounds, too.  A few overextracted grounds doesn't affect the flavor, and I've had a superheated blowout, too, and they're no fun.
> -AdkMike
> On Jun 6, 2010, at 8:44 AM, John Borella wrote:
>> The upper globe should be sitting (tipped to the side) in your lower globe preheating while you wait for the water to start to boil. This way the chain is always in the lower globe when you have the burner on. As soon as you see bubbles lock the upper globe in place & when the water starts to fill the upper globe reduce the heat to prevent a rapid bubbling/excessively high water temp in the upper globe.
>> Once I see the water rising above the cloth filter I turn the butane burner down until it spudders & then back up just enough to keep the bubbles rising up the tube. This gives me an initial water temp around 201* up top which quickly settles into the 199-200* range where I add my grounds.
>> The vac pot is not a modern kitchen appliance designed by lawyers. It is a hands on old time brewing device that requires the user to exercise common sense. The glass is clear so there is no need to peer into the top until you are stirring in your grounds. Here is a link to the Itelli video: http://vimeo.com/8977253
>> John B.
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