[Homeroast] Vac. pot seal breaking problem

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Sun Jun 6 07:44:45 CDT 2010

The upper globe should be sitting (tipped to the side) in your lower globe 
preheating while you wait for the water to start to boil. This way the chain 
is always in the lower globe when you have the burner on. As soon as you see 
bubbles lock the upper globe in place & when the water starts to fill the 
upper globe reduce the heat to prevent a rapid bubbling/excessively high 
water temp in the upper globe.

 Once I see the water rising above the cloth filter I turn the butane burner 
down until it spudders & then back up just enough to keep the bubbles rising 
up the tube. This gives me an initial water temp around 201* up top which 
quickly settles into the 199-200* range where I add my grounds.

 The vac pot is not a modern kitchen appliance designed by lawyers. It is a 
hands on old time brewing device that requires the user to exercise common 
sense. The glass is clear so there is no need to peer into the top until you 
are stirring in your grounds. Here is a link to the Itelli video: 

John B.

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From: "sci" <scizen at gmail.com>
> On a different note, another fine point  I've learned  for the vac. pot
> afficionados, The same unit did a super-heated flash boilover that 
> literally
> exploded and spewed super-heated water out the bottom chamber like a
> volcano. It scared the ever-living daylights out of me because I had been
> peering over the top during earlier uses. Nowhere in the instructions, or 
> in
> anything on anybody's website, including SM, have I ever seen a warning
> about this phenomena, but it is extraordinarily dangerous and could result
> in a severe accident. It could happen to any unit.  It turns out that the
> perfectly spherical lab glass in a perfectly clean state provided no place
> for "boil generation spots." To fix this, take a diamond file and make 
> some
> scratches on the bottom inside of the bottom chamber. These scratches
> provide imperfections where little steam bubbles can easily form and start
> the boil. Otherwise, a super-heating event could occur. ---just saying, 
> I'd
> hate somebody to live with third degree burns on their face.
> Ivan
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> Are you waiting for the vacuum to break before you try to remove the upper
> globe? I use a 5C Hario V/P every morning & have no problem removing the 
> top
> portion by tipping it to the side & lifting it out.
> John B.
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