[Homeroast] Vac. pot seal breaking problem

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 00:27:54 CDT 2010

I have been waiting until all the liquid goes south to the bottom and
there's a bubbling and sucking sound. So I'm assuming the vacuum has
equalized with ambient air pressure. The problem is that the rubber is very
"grippy." It's pretty new. I don't press it hard into the bottom, but just
gently place it there with a tiny downward pressure. I think the suction
draws it a bit deeper. The best solution so far has been the lubricant . I
found some food grade silicone lubricant and used the tiniest amount
possible on the rubber. Vasoline would do the same. The seal breaks easier

 On a different note, another fine point  I've learned  for the vac. pot
afficionados, The same unit did a super-heated flash boilover that literally
exploded and spewed super-heated water out the bottom chamber like a
volcano. It scared the ever-living daylights out of me because I had been
peering over the top during earlier uses. Nowhere in the instructions, or in
anything on anybody's website, including SM, have I ever seen a warning
about this phenomena, but it is extraordinarily dangerous and could result
in a severe accident. It could happen to any unit.  It turns out that the
perfectly spherical lab glass in a perfectly clean state provided no place
for "boil generation spots." To fix this, take a diamond file and make some
scratches on the bottom inside of the bottom chamber. These scratches
provide imperfections where little steam bubbles can easily form and start
the boil. Otherwise, a super-heating event could occur. ---just saying, I'd
hate somebody to live with third degree burns on their face.


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Are you waiting for the vacuum to break before you try to remove the upper
globe? I use a 5C Hario V/P every morning & have no problem removing the top
portion by tipping it to the side & lifting it out.

John B.

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