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Scott Miller peechdogg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:56:37 CDT 2010

I like Nor'west Coffee as a name. No opinion on separating the roasting name
from the shop name, but branding 2 separate identities sounds like a lot to
take on.

Java Nation sounds nice if there are broader aspirations than a 3-4 state
area. However I will say Java Nation starts moving dangerously close to
those cutesy sounding names. When I'm in an area and don't know where "the
spot" is, my judgmental nature is to think less of places with the cutesy
name... you know: "Jittery Jivin' House of Monkey Madness, Coffee 'n'
Stuffs". I might miss a decent cup from time to time with that attitude,

Simple and direct is appealing to me, but I can't even figure out if folks
in my town prefer chocolate or vanilla gelato from one day to the next, so I
seem to run short of one or the other at the most inopportune times. What do
I know?

This half penny's worth of advice is provided to you free of charge....
Considering the fluctuating economy, you now owe me a shekel .... since it's
National Donut Day, a sufganiyot and cappuccino will do. Just hold off with
the dry foam that so many places seem to do without asking if that's what
you prefer.

Do I get a Curmudgeon Badge yet?

Best wishes for continued success to you, Bryan and your staff.



On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 11:27 AM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:

> First from what little research I've done Oregon air quality control for
> roasters is much more lax than SW Washington but doesn't matter, have no
> plans to relocate roasting operations. My base of roasting operations is
> and
> will continue to be Vancouver for the foreseeable future. Yet I never say
> never (oops just did :) so who knows what will happen down the road.
> The USRC 3k is quite capable of cranking out ~200lb in an 8 hour roast day.
> Small amount in the larger sense of professional roasting yet means easily
> can crank out over a half Ton of coffee a week with this little guy and not
> quite to that level yet. Push come to shove could run him two work shifts
> daily easily roasting over a Ton a week when the time comes, while waiting
> for a larger roaster.
> But highly likely before upgrading to a larger production roaster will be
> springing for a real 2 to 4 barrel sample roaster. Using the CCR HT works,
> but is a PIA taking way to much time. While a highly capable home roaster,
> when you have a bunch of samples you want to roast it's nuts when it takes
> ALL day to do it!
> I keep going back and forth whether roasting business should or should not
> be the same name as our coffeehouses for clear branding recognition. No
> definitive decision yet...
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