[Homeroast] USRC 3k production limitations > OT: And thentherewere three....

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:49:08 CDT 2010

Before, it was like trying to clap with one hand. Now you can really clap.

If I had it to do, The roaster exhaust would pass through a water curtain,
same as a paint booth.  Talk about chaff being the same *Feckless* mentality
as Global Warming- try brewing the smoke particulate. I know, I know-
neighbors can elende Arschlocher sein.

Mine love the smell.  Pretty soon, EPA and OSHA variances will have to be
posted on-site before the Westminster FD will extinguish your unregistered

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Immer schlimmer-

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