[Homeroast] Travelling Faux pas

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Great Writing, Chris! What a Pleasure to read!







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> Congrats on the anniversary, sorry to hear about the coffee disaster.
> I was forced into something I was hoping to avoid this morning, drinking
> office coffee at my new place of work. I've been making morning Chemex (and
> loving it) and bringing in a thermos, but the Wife and kids have been sick
> and my wife had a hard time sleeping last night which lead to me having a
> hard time sleeping, so when I finally got to sleep on the couch I overslept
> and didn't have time to make any coffee this morning before taking my oldest
> to school.
> The coffee at work is an old coffee maker with glass pots and three pot
> warmers, there's two orange rimmed pots and one brown. I cleaned it up as
> best as possible, and the spray head and whole area above the filter holder
> was coated in black coffee grounds powder and oily sludge so much it looked
> like it'd never been cleaned. After cleaning it up, I put four and a half
> ounces of coffee grounds (one and a half packs) of generic looking coffee in
> the filter and pressed the brew button... it filled maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the
> pot and then dripped to a stop. Hit the button again and then poured myself
> a cup.
> I was surprised to admit that it wasn't the worst cup I've ever had, but I
> didn't have another. Had lunch with the co-workers at a greasy spoon /
> hole-in-the-wall and they had a Costco brand cold coffee / mocha drink, I
> passed and had a diet Snapple. Damn, and I'd pretty much decided not to
> bring in an AeroPress. Whirly Blade, and home roast to work because I didn't
> want to appear to be fussy at the new job, but this is really depressing.
> Now it's 10 pm and kids are fed and in bed, dishes loaded into the
> dishwasher, and I'm wondering if it's too late for a cup of coffee or an
> espresso, something good.
> -Chris
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