[Homeroast] Hottop Repair and Service

Robert Yoder robotyonder at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 15:31:51 CDT 2010

Hi John,


Any chance you could provide pictures of the "through the wall insulated Omega T/Cs"?


I think that they could be posted in the gallery, and I would love to see them off-list, if you could.  (robotyonder at hotmail.com).


Thanks, and,


Happy Roasting,


robert yoder
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> I live about 20 minutes from HT USA & have done all my business with Michael 
> in person since day one. Last time I was over there getting some warranty 
> work/updates done I mentioned a mod I was thinking of trying(but haven't). 
> He laughed & said that the new Hts would have something very similar & went 
> on to describe several other features that the 1lbr would have & when he 
> hoped to see it. He asked that I not mention specifics about the machine & I 
> haven't. He did state several times that both he & the factory have paid 
> close attention to all the suggestions/complaints that owners have sent in 
> over the past few years and that we could expect to see many improvements 
> along those lines.
> He liked my through the wall insulated Omega T/Cs & requested specific 
> info which he forwarded to the factory. Maybe we will see a much improved 
> Bt/Et sensor on the new versions??
> John B.
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> > I am surprised that they are willing to speak openly with you guys about 
> > not yet released products.
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