[Homeroast] Hottop Repair and Service

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Tue Jun 1 14:39:19 CDT 2010

I live about 20 minutes from HT USA & have done all my business with Michael 
in person since day one. Last time I was over there getting some warranty 
work/updates done I mentioned a mod I was thinking of trying(but haven't). 
He laughed & said that the new Hts would have something very similar & went 
on to describe several other features that the 1lbr would have & when he 
hoped to see it. He asked that I not mention specifics about the machine & I 
haven't. He did state several times that both he & the factory have paid 
close attention to all the suggestions/complaints that owners have sent in 
over the past few years and that we could expect to see many improvements 
along those lines.

   He liked my through the wall insulated Omega T/Cs & requested specific 
info which he forwarded to the factory. Maybe we will see a much improved 
Bt/Et sensor on the new versions??

John B.

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From: "Ryan M. Ward" <silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com>
> I am surprised that they are willing to speak openly with you guys about 
> not yet released products.

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