[Homeroast] Travelling Faux pas

Michael Irrera mirrera at me.com
Tue Jun 1 13:34:50 CDT 2010

What, you couldn't find two rocks to bang together in the mountains?

I'm on the road right now, too, but I've had far better luck.  Since I'm staying in the Mission district of San Francisco, I didn't pack any coffee-related gear.  Both Ritual and Four Barrel are a short walk away, and Blue Bottle isn't far, either.  I'm not suffering.

That being said, this morning I opted to try Philz coffee.  It's a pourover only place (no espresso, either), with about 20 different blends.  I got a couple of cups of different blends, and was quite taken aback when I was asked if I wanted a mint leaf in my coffee, which is apparently their thing.  I did try it in one, and found it overwhelmed any subtle flavors that might be there.  I think they're more concerned about caffeine delivery than anything.

I'm going to stick with the ones I know are good for the rest of the week.  Worst case, I can head over the bridge and visit Tom.


On Jun 1, 2010, at 11:22 AM, Jason Brooks wrote:

> The family and I headed off to the mountains this past weekend for our 13th
> anniversary.  The in-laws kept the children and we had a place to ourselves.
> On Sunday morning, I pull out my AP, roasted beans, only to find my knee
> mill still sitting on the shelf at home.
> The place where we stayed had very little in the way of tools, not even two
> deeply nested bowls, that would assist in the breaking of the beans.
> So, alas, I relented and was left to pretty miserable road coffee.  But it
> made this morning's Chemex all the sweeter!
> Jason
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