[Homeroast] Hottop Repair and Service

Mike Chester mchet at charter.net
Tue Jun 1 11:33:30 CDT 2010

I suspect that the biggest problem that they face is getting enough heating 
power to have good control of the roasts.  In order to be able to sell it to 
the largest number of people, it has to be able to run on a 110 volt, 15 amp 
circuit and that limits the amount of power available.  Just requiring a 20 
amp circuit would help a lot, but would further limit their sales.  Since 
the market for this roaster is not very large to begin with, they don't want 
to further reduce it.  If I were building it, I would use a large heater 
with a lot of excess capability for maximum control and run it on a large 
220 volt circuit.  Of course, I would only sell about ten units and would 
loose my shirt and the rest of my clothes, but I would have a good roaster.

Mike Chester

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> Last time I visited Michael(early winter) he said he hoped to see it by 
> Spring but that didn't happen. The design/features in the "forthcoming 
> 1lb'r & changes to the existing HT line sounded good but everything was 
> still subject to change at that point.
> I emailed him recently asking if he had a time frame on the 1lb model & 
> all he said was "No".
> John B.
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> From: "Barbara Greenspon" <lilysownahmah at greensponassociates.com>
>> Has anyone heard anything about the planned one pound hottop?
>> Thanks.
>> Barbara Greenspon
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