[Homeroast] recognizing quakers?

Joe charliebrown at nc.rr.com
Wed Jul 21 16:44:45 CDT 2010


I'm fairly new to the coffee roasting myself and so far am really 
enjoying learning all about the bean and the process of roasting. I'm 
curious though about one thing I see mentioned on the SM site 
frequently. What exactly are quakers (and the other beans one is 
supposed to remove) and how does one identify them? I looked at the 
glossary on the SM site and it wasn't much help to me. I can spot ones 
that have a little bit of the bean missing, which I'm guessing might be 
bites and can also spot a few that aren't quite as roasted as others. 
Since I'm using a poppery and teaching myself how to make an even roast, 
I'm encountering quite a few that aren't as roasted so I've been 
hesitant on discarding them. Any pointers on how to identify which 
should be removed would be greatly appreciated.

Have A Great Day,

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