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John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 17:27:39 CDT 2010

Yes indeed they did advertise this way. There was a time in this country
when coffee was to be the best possible on the table at home and there would
be heck to pay if it wasn't the best possible.

In 1929 Chase & Sanborn began putting dates on their cans with the
advertisement "It's dated" supposedly assuring Chase & Sanborn's freshness.

This type of ad from Chase & Sanborn began in the depression which provides
alarming evidence that wife battering was the stuff of comedy during the
depression - especially if the husband didn't like his coffee. And it
continued... "To the moon, Alice, to the moon!" merely hints at it, but it
was and still is considered funny.

Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergast - (a killer history of coffee, by the
way) Here it is:

High comedy there... Ugh.

Violence continues in coffee ads - This is Jim Henson's work.


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> A vintage coffee ad -- did they really advertise like this?
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