[Homeroast] Indian Coffee

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Thu Jul 29 11:16:24 CDT 2010

My wife and I are traveling to Hyderabad at the end of December to go to a wedding. Can you point to any coffee 
plantations in the area? If we have some free time we'll go exploring.


>  I was in Hyderabad in the end of 2008 and was thinking that it would be
>  great to check out Indian coffee and maybe get some monsooned Malabar, but
>  didn't have time to venture out.
>  Now I'm in Milan and it looks like I may not have time to venture out to
>  find a good coffee bar, but there's hope yet, I may have to stay through the
>  weekend as the equipment is still stuck in customs.
>  -Chris

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