[Homeroast] SM on The Splendid Table today

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 18:20:38 CDT 2010

I have to disagree with Greg. Lynne is a superb host of a wonderful show and
in my mind demonstrated no clueless-ness about anything. She's a very
curious person and always willing to learn. Perhaps it's true she was at
some point unaware of the processes of certain brewed coffees, IE a moka
pot, but after listening again, I find her question on Tom's take on a moka
pot demonstrates her interest in his opinion, but demonstrates no ignorance
at all.

Why shouldn't she discuss brewing? It's the one thing almost every single
coffee drinker has in common. Improving brew technique, regardless of bean
source improves freshness. I suppose a case could be made for choosing ones
grinder; maybe that should have been what the interview was about, but not
everyone grinds their coffee. No, brewing is the common denominator. Baby

All in all, The Splendid Table is a splendid show.


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