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Unfortunately, the emphasis was on brewers and not on the raw materials.  Not Tom's fault.  I think that the host of Splendid Table (ST) doesn't understand many food-related subjects, or just isn't able to get into subjects in any depth.  That's understandable because she is trying to cover many aspects of food and many food professionals find it all-consuming to devoting their lives and energy to just one facet of a very big world.  She would do much better imo if she would listen a bit more.  I believe that if Tom were in more control of the interview's subject matter, he would not have steered the emphasis toward brewing. The segment would have been much better, and much more useful for the target audience if the discussion had moved into the world of fresh, specialty coffees.  Brewers are only interesting when the coffee is not the limiting  factor, not the case for people who don't share our proclivities.

And...espresso is not brewed coffee.  If you wanna drink espresso you need an espresso machine of some sort.  If you're after a good brewed cup, you do something else.  The host of ST was clueless on this point.  

I suppose it's good press but it was a missed opportunity on the part of ST.  They conversed and interviewed one of the best sources of coffee and coffee knowledge, and didn't tap any of it.


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It was a nice segment, I think it came off sounding understandable for the
general public or foodies.

I hope they air a home-roasting segment soon.

Funny that now I want to try dried limes and build a bread oven.

As for the Bouno kettle, I've been happy with my liquor bottle pour spout in
a #7 one hole stopper in my plain old kettle.  Maybe I should make a YouTube
video :-)

Contracts, Tom.

On Jul 24, 2010 11:35 AM, "John A C Despres" <johndespres at gmail.com> wrote:

Tom's portion begins at 14:45. Great job, Tom!


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