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Hi Ray ,                        I am  glad to know that you know about the taste of the pasta per se.        As a matter of fact it is not very difficult but so flavorful.  A big meat bolonesa  spaghetti  sauce is the *$ (Starbucks) of pasta.      Let's think simple, basic and differently.                     First of all, never add oil to your cooking water for the reason   the pastas will stick together.  It can be OK, but anything  you will add after the cooking time  will not penetrate this barrier.            You have to remember here that the funny forms of all these pastas are drawed by engineers  in such a way to increase the superficial area  (surface of contact)  of them so that they will be maximally impregnated ex: chariot weels,  penne striata, elbow macaroni, etce terra...)                           Secondly, please never rinse your pastas, since   doing so,  there is a risk of
 erasing the fundamentals of the flavors  and you will probably scrap the cooking juice.              Furthermore, if you stop  cooking  them as short  as 2 minutes before the al dente tiempo suggested on the box   they will achieve the second crack by themselves  solely  by resting  one upon   the other so that  after a while they will be in an urgent need of liquid in such a way that anything you will  then add will be incorporated in the durum  wheat semolina born-to-life crispy pasta  branches* (* in season only) momentum you just created.   ( Now is time to add the espresso because it will  facilitate the  all around processus of  inverted osmosis impregnation by  the soft and swollen stick of spaghetti who, without these cleverful instructions, would have been standing  bored in the sauce)  .                                                                                    And
 then and only then, is the time to  spray a light  dashful   of the  colors of fresh herbs and tomatoes, of olive oil and sea salt and freshly ground four peppercorns complemented by  anything like capers, meat, sea food, cheese or any vegetable variance of tofu that  one of your neighbours probably  knows about.       Denis
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"...RayO, don't want to try my spaghetti sauce?"

Maybe three times in my life have I had spaghetti that had excellent flavor
and mouth feel by itself and was complimented by its delicate sauce.

Once, we actually had no sauce per se, just topped by a kind of soufflé
of Parmesan reggiano cheese, and a tiny sprinkle of balsamic vinegar or
wine-??  That was part of our "Welcome to the neighborhood" nearly 40 years

The furthest thing from my alleged mind was suggesting the addition of
coffee to the fare- I didn't really want to go for a ride in one of the
black Cadillacs or loong, long limo's that were parked on the street that
night.  More than two shots of wine and I take the wheelbarrow- they weren't
serving Mad Dog that night, and I knew nothing about coffee!  So, what's

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

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