[Homeroast] Behmor questions and comments

Claus Thøgersen thoeg at get2net.dk
Fri Jul 23 15:25:12 CDT 2010


I have seen a mail from me reaching the list, so I try to resend this one:


I have owned a 240 v Behmor in almost a year. I have not really worked out a
opinion on the different profiles.

I usually roast 270 gram, wich means I roast on the 1 pound setting.
On p1 this is no issue, but with all the other profiles I understand it
makes a difference because the profile is made for 1 pound not just 270 g.

With Brazil beans and Hawaiian beans I use p3, but with a roast time about
16 to 17 minutes I wonder if this is not really a too long roast question?

I have started to use a 2 minute preheat on p1, and then ½ pound p3, but the
times for the roast is about the same as with 1 pound p3 without preheating.

I cannot read the display and I had forgotten that the p3 default is C, so
one thing I will change is to set it to A wich would make the first 2 stages
shorter, as I understand what Joe is writing on the Behmor homepage.

Any experience or views on the p2 profile? some say that the drop in
temperature causes problems?

Finally Joe as the last update to the manual suggests to preheat the roaster
without drum or chaff tray for 1 minute, this should in some unexplained way
give a better roast. I red it yesterday so I have just started roasting this


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