[Homeroast] "Natural" Coffee?

Ryan M. Ward silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 23 14:55:55 CDT 2010

I do not believe "natural" has a legal definition like "organic" does. As I recall, it is mainly a marketing term and asserts that the majority of your ingredients are unrefined or something like that. Its really kind of bogus as I understand it.

Personally, given what they are asking, I would assume that as it applies to you they want to know that you aren't adding anything to the beans at roast time like artificial vanilla nastiness, and that they are not treated with chemicals (IE: if offering decaf, I would avoid solvent processed beans, go with Swiss water or possibly CO2 if they are ok with that.)

Ryan M. Ward

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> I've got a store in town that is interested in carrying my coffee.  They said they are strictly a "natural product" store and asked me if my coffees are all natural...brain fart...."Uh i guess so."  I don't know that i've been asked or heard of "all natural coffees."
> Am i missing something obvious?  The only thing i could think of is if i were to add flavor oils, then it would no longer be natural?  I feel i can safely say that it's grown "naturally,"  then i roast it.  They didn't ask about organic or fair trade, they specifically said natural.  I've got a meeting with them next week and would like to present myself a little bit smarter than i did today!  A true DUH moment.
> Thoughts?  Natural vs un-natural coffee?
> Thanks in advance!
> Michael BB'ham, AL 		 	   		  
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