[Homeroast] Friday Morning Cup

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 10:34:37 CDT 2010

This morning, I made a full Chemex pot (yield 1075 ml coffee using 78 g
grounds) from the last of my Guatemala Oriente Dry Process beans that I
roasted last night.  I'm really enjoying the Chemex, especially with making
a full pot, which I normally don't do since it's just the Wife and I, but my
folks drove up with our kids so now I can make full pots.  I used almost the
last of my Panama roast last night in a full Chemex pot (have a small stash
here at work) and it tasted much better in a full pot then it had
previously.  I think it's a longer extraction... I'm loosening up the grind
to try and get the Chemex to draw down in 5:30 for a full pot like I have my
half pot (600 ml) dialed in, but I'm not there yet.  Gives a fuller
extraction and more flavor.  I got a BRIX of 1.32% and a percent extraction
of 18.16 and the dosage worked out to be a little high at 73 grams per liter
on the Oriente this morning.  I used 1326 ml of water in the extraction.
The aroma of the beans prior to grinding when I opened the mason jar was
amazing, really set the stage for a good coffee experience, and the aroma
did not disappoint.

I posted details including some pictures of the roast on Home-Barista here:
*http://preview.tinyurl.com/39byjgn *and this was an unusual roast that
broke all my rules for the Behmor, roasting just over a pound of coffee
(didn't want to save out just a few ounces since with my folks here we'll be
drinking lots of coffee), beans still cool out of the fridge, first crack at
20 minutes, but it looks like the beans came out ok.

Since I didn't have any good coffee yesterday until last night when I came
home and brewed the Panama, it was nice to start the day with a good cup.


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