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Scott Miller peechdogg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 21:24:14 CDT 2010

Seldom does someone who is a "fill in the blank" refer to themselves
as said item... except for those with some degree of either
megalomania or in response to a statement made about them. For years I
worked in the food/beverage field in very high end resorts, caterers,
etc... Fancy, fou fou foods, classic European cuisine, elegant,
overdone, overdecorated presentations... I also worked in some less
than high end places ... many people would refer to me as a chef. I
even had credentials that "certified" me as such... I never referred
to myself as one... never had to, as my work spoke for itself.

I tend to shy away from terms like snob, geek, etc... my work again
speaks for me. Others are welcome to refer to me as they wish. I even
answer to some of the less than savory terms that have been tossed my

Most of the coffee "snobs" I encounter wonder why my Sumatran roasts
are not dripping with oil...



On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Mike Chester <mchet at charter.net> wrote:
> Yesterday, my wife told me that a man in her office named Gary had done a phone interview that day.  The person on the other end of the interview described himself as a "coffee snob," and said that he only drinks coffee that he roasts himself.  I naturally assumed that he is a member of this list.  The term "coffee snob" indicates membership here as, I hear it here often and nowhere else. (I use the term to describe myself also)  Does this interview sound familiar to anyone?  I don't know Gary, so I am not speaking for or against him, I just think it is interesting that this topic would come up in an interview and that it was probably someone I "know."
> Mike Chester
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