[Homeroast] Barista Competitions

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 19:02:16 CDT 2010

The AeroPress is easiest, cleanest, and fastest for work hands-down, but if
you want to share a cup with a co-worker and get a full extraction, you
can't beat the Clever Coffee Dripper.  Timing is no problem, even my
cheapest dumb phone had a stopwatch and the new smartphone they gave me has
access to all sorts of stopwatch apps that can be downloaded.

It wouldn't be so much of an issue, except that the coffee here is so bad.
I can't bring myself to drink it and some days I leave home without a cup so
I want a good cup at work.  My last company had better coffee, and all I
used was the AP, but things have changed.  I've even though about bringing
in my larger stainless steel press pot, but that would be too extreme.

Say I get 200 ml with the AP, I get 400 ml with the CCD, the press pot will
do about 600 ml.  I refuse to bring in my own Bunn drip machine (still in
the thrift store box on a shelf for high-volume coffee emergencies) as I'm
not being paid to make coffee, got to maintain some sort of control over
this hobby.  It would do about 1300 ml, though.

So, CCD over AP is mostly taste and volume of coffee.  I really only make
one or two cups a day at work and consider the five minutes I wait for the
coffee to extract a coffee break.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Bonnie Polkinghorn <
bonnie.polkinghorn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Chris,
> Why wasn't the AeroPress cutting it?  I use mine at work 2-3 times a day
> and
> always love it.  I just got back to my desk after brewing myself a cup.  I
> found it hard to use the Clever Coffee Dripper at work because you have to
> pay attention to the time and it takes so much time to brew.  I use the
> Clever Coffee Dripper at home all the time.
> Just curious,
> Bonnie P.

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