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Ryan M. Ward silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 20 22:02:24 CDT 2010

I apologize if I misunderstood your comments.

"The point is there is way too much junk science out in the wild "

I agree with you wholeheartedly
"and this issue is of minimal merit at best."

Which issue do you mean? Do you mean the not trusting Big Business issue? I am not sure I can buy the assertion that the issue has no merit- there is an entire field dedicated to it: Business ethics.
Do you mean that the GM issue has no merit? I also disagree with this and feel it is a very important and pertinent issue- VERY relevant to us. The implications of GM go past biology, public health, and politics. Bio-ethical considerations are also involved. But I am eager to hear your justification of this statement.

Ryan M. Ward

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> The three cases I cited are just the basic broad categories.  They can 
> be blended and pureed to death.  That was not the point.  The point is 
> there is way too much junk science out in the wild and this issue is of 
> minimal merit at best.
> Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> > "So, the possible choices are these, corporate control of the food supply, government control of the food supply, or do it yourself and control your own food supply."
> > 
> > I am not sure that I agree with this assumption. You have implicitly assumed that only 3 cases are possible(I read this out of the remaining points you outline):
> > 1) Government essentially owns and distributes the food supply (Like a socialist- command based system)
> > 2) Corporations control the food supply(I assume you mean no government oversight- or at least very very little, a free market system)
> > 3) We grow our own (sort of like a homesteaders' approach)
> > 
> > Feasible alternatives exist, namely 
> > 1) Corporate owned farms which operate under some regulations set forth by the government.
> > 2) non-profit or community (non-government) run farms and Co-Ops
> > 3) farms funded by the government but administered privately under some government regulation 
> > 
> > I am not advocating for these necessarily, but your assumption that only 3 possibilities exist (which I acknowledge you never explicitly said, but this intent was apparent) is false.
> > 
> > Lets assume for the sake of argument that the above assumption is cogent.
> > 
> > 1) The corporation has to make money for the stockholders by being
> >  profitable and selling/making unsafe products does not long 
> > produce an income.  
> > 2) Government can fix nothing and 
> > 3) its too much bother to do it yourself.
> > 
> > 1) two responses:
> > a) Unless people do not know or accidents are kept quite(Hush money mean anything?), why do company keep PR people on staff?
> > b) Unless the safety does not become an issue until later on. Often times the consequences of unsafe products are not known until later down the road. Case in point- DDT, Agent Orange, Fen Phen (did I spell that right?), yes the makers of these products suffered the consequences, but not untill after considerable damage was done. Further, the company that manufactured Fen Phen is still around and doing business.
> > 2) Response: This needs some justification. This is a very lofty claim and quite subjective. To say that the government cannot fix anything would require us to disregard a lot of good the that Government has done. We live in the comfortable nation that we do (comfortable compared to many), in large part because of our government. Politics aside, our government does work, just not perfectly, and not every time.
> > 3) I will not argue with this one, mainly because I think completely relying on people to grow their own food is inefficient.
> > 
> > "There is way to much junk pseudo science out in the wild now."  
> > 
> > 
> > Wont argue with you there, but who is generating all that Pseudoscience? Not all of it is those evil special interest groups. Business accounts for a lot of it(I cannot think of examples from agribusiness, but I have not paid attention either).
> >  
> > With the swarm of ever present lawyers ready to sue at the drop
> >  of a seed I will trust agribusiness to be very careful and responsible.  
> > 
> > I do not believe that Agribusiness is so powerless that it is afraid of all of those lawyers. If you have a lawyer coming after you- hire a better lawyer. Sure, they want to avoid law suits, but does this make them act responsibly or cautiously? IE, do those lawyers really scare them that much. I would love to think so, but have a hard time with that one.
> > 
> > While very carefully watching what they are doing.
> > 
> > Good idea, but honestly what can you actually do as one person- and what information can you actually watch for? We need government oversight as well. They have the resources and authority to see more.
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