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We spent way to much time trying to control nature rather than work
with it. Tom probably has some great stories of creative approaches of
fitting coffee into a natural environment to the benefits of the care,
health and taste of the coffee. If we put the same effort in working
with the standard varietals as we did going hybrid and now gm I think
we'd have a better result, But seeds could not be controlled which
loses much of the corporate charm. I love the story that livestock are
inefficient. In a feed lot, absolutely, but when compared to a proper
managed graze veggies have way more shortcomings. Though fruit and
coffee can be done practically invisibly.

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Edward Bourgeois <edbourgeois at gmail.com> wrote:
> There isn't much we eat that doesn't contain some amount of a GMO
> plant crop in it. Personally I have grave concerns with GMO crops.  My
> cuppa Tom and an occasional splash of milk (from a local dairy that is
> grass fed and is able to go non-GMO corn in his area without cross
> pollination) is one of my decreasing havens of enjoying something
> good. I had not thought much about GMO coffee until I googled it last
> night. I guess there are already several to accomplish different
> purposes. Saw one that makes the coffee more soluble and of course
> some with toxins to deal with various pests. I assume there are many
> others to deal with weather conditions, production yields, uniformity
> etc. etc. Since these are all patented and can cross pollinate, small
> farmers using the varietals we enjoy and doing traditional on farm
> selective breeding could lose that ability!  Same as has happened in
> this country with those trying to grow traditional varietals and seed
> save in areas where GMO crops are also grown. I saw that Hawaii has
> tried to keep GMO coffee away for a number of years now but not sure
> if that's still the case? From now on when I'm asked about one of my
> coffees I will add that the beans are non-gmo
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