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Tue Jul 20 17:38:00 CDT 2010

So, the possible choices are these, corporate control of the food 
supply, government control of the food supply, or do it yourself and 
control your own food supply.  The corporation has to make money for the 
stockholders by being profitable and selling/making unsafe products does 
not long produce an income.  Government can fix nothing and its too much 
bother to do it yourself.  There is way to much junk pseudo science out 
in the wild now.  With the swarm of ever present lawyers ready to sue at 
the drop of a seed I will trust agribusiness to be very careful and 
responsible.  While very carefully watching what they are doing.

Sheila Quinn wrote:
> I could go on and on about this subject, but I'm restraining myself. I 
> will say, though, that I highly recommend the film "The Future of Food" 
> for an honest look at some of the problems with GMO and with 
> corporations controlling our food supply. It's a real eye opener, to say 
> the least. You can watch it for free on Hulu:
> http://www.hulu.com/watch/67878/the-future-of-food
> There's another good one you can rent on DVD called "Food Inc." It deals 
> with some of the same issues, as well as other problems with the food 
> industry.
> Sheila
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