[Homeroast] Sulawesi Wet-Process Toarco Peaberry

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Tue Jul 20 10:48:24 CDT 2010

Can't believe it's still available on SM site. We got 120# via Tom's Coffee
Shrubs site and just did the LAST production roast yesterday and can't get
more, Shrubs allocation sold out weeks ago. (Could buy 20's via SM site but
not at $0.80/LB more.)

Phenomenal coffee. While quite atypical for Sulawesi it's a superb cup. This
is not a Sulawesi you want to roast dark. You "could", but IMO that would
kill what makes it so special. I take it City ~429f, start of 1st ~12:45 end
of roast ~16:30. Killer about any brewing method especially espresso. From
our bag label:

Juicy raspberry, almond, pineapple and sweet cucumber round out this
intense, wine-like coffee. The oily large body finishes delicately sweet and
clean. Toarco is a washing station in the Toraja region of Sulawesi. Most
Sulawesi is wet-hulled, this atypical wet process lets the coffee's natural
character fully sing.

Get yours before I change my mind and bite the financial bullet buying up
what Tom has left offered on SM site regardless the cost....

(I did set aside 2LB for future personal roasting:-)

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