[Homeroast] Re-posts

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Tue Jul 20 10:00:30 CDT 2010

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 09:34:08AM -0500, Rich wrote:
> And the benefit of top posting is that the reader is not required to
> sort through a long list of mindless quoted drivel that has already
> been read and assimilated to find out what you have to say. Which is

That's only an advantage when one encounters a post by someone so
uninterested in conversation that they thoughtlessly leave all that

> There is no "rule" on which end to post on and in this day and age
> of reasonably high speed Internet there is not much benefit in
> drastic snipping quoted posts to conserve bandwidth.  The days of
> the 300 baud modem and dial-up are long past.

What's "drastic" about snipping material that you think of as mindless
drivel?  Unless you think that your words are no better, but then why
post them at all, top, bottom, or sideways?

                                * * *

I've been mildly surprised for some months now that I've been finding
this mailing list far less interesting overall than SM's web forum.  I
have been using and enjoying mailing lists for decades, and have long
scoffed at web fora as awkward imitations of inferior mail user agents. 
But I have to admit that the absence of top-posting and the often
low-value, unthoughtful posts that it is so often found in may well
explain a lot of it.  It's not just this list either, alas, and you may
be right that there is no longer a clear majority opposed to lazily
posting a trivial thought atop a great heap of mindless quotes.  Isn't
that what Twitter is for?

People are too impatient.  They want a three-line definition of
consciousness and a five-line proof that a computational system can
or cannot have consciousness.  And they want it today.  They don't want
to have to do the hard work ...  -- Aaron Sloman

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