[Homeroast] GMO Coffee

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 07:49:05 CDT 2010

Thanks to Mike & Ryan. I wanted to contribute something to the conversation,
as it is something that really concerns me - but, I'd have to do a lot of
research to find the right words (in too much pain to do that right now).
Ryan, you explained it very well.

I am very concerned about the big picture - how this will effect all people
of this earth. As you said, already it's happened w/organic farmers. Some
poor farmers in India have committed suicide over how it effected their

Once more - the reason GMO crops are being developed is for the profit of
big farming-business. The very nature of farming on giant scales makes for
problems that have no solutions. It doesn't/won't solve hunger problems in
this world - that's just a cover, IMHNSO.

Just read about a roof-top exhibit in NY about the famine in Ireland - they
actually brought an actual house fr that time period & reenacted what it
would look like then. The people who created this amazing exhibit made a
statement that stayed with me:

Hunger is never about not having enough food in the world. It's about who
owns and controls the land.

(They also stated as an example, today, in Haiti, lots of the rebuilding
isn't taking place because of absentee land owners!)


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